One of the best things about crypto is that there are plenty of ways to earn cryptocurrency for free. Of course, you won’t get rich but it will be a pleasant bonus for you. Also, it is a great option for beginners to test-drive cryptocurrencies. Here’s a list of ideas and tips on how to get crypto without buying them.

Sell your stuff

We all have that drawer in the closet we never open. It feels like we’ve been storing stuff there since the Stone Age: old toys, the jacket you’ve grown out of, your collection of vintage vinyl records, etc. It’s like a door to another world, and this world can really benefit you. You may find something cool and interesting to sell there.

Instead of visiting eBay go to Openbazaar. It is an open source, decentralized blockchain marketplace, where people trade their used goods for cryptocurrencies. The service is absolutely free, it accepts more than 1500 coins, and it doesn’t charge any fees.

Participate in a bounty campaign

The most hackneyed way to get crypto for free, though it’s as good as any other, is to participate in a bounty campaign. In these campaigns, crypto projects are willing to give out their coins for things that contribute to their project.

It can be promotion on social networks, a video review on Youtube, or something requiring more skills. You can help translate a landing page, make some cool stickers for a Telegram community, or become a tester and search for bugs to help developers improve their dApp.

The possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the team behind the project, and the project’s needs. You can find the latest bounty programs on bitcointalk and special platforms like bounty0x.

Do the hard fork magic trick

This way actually requires having some coins, but it’s totally worth it. What is a hard fork? Basically, a hard fork is a new version of the old blockchain protocol. Hard forks happen when a project divides into several independent networks and its currency splits into separate coins for each network. So one day you may wake up and have two coins of the same amount in your wallet, where previously you had one, that’s the trick.

The only thing you should make sure of is that your wallet will support both coins like Freewallet does. Striving to provide the best service for our customers, we took care of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork and Freewallet users have received both coins in their accounts.

Create content

Are you a creative person who likes writing articles, making videos, or taking pictures and actively publishing your content on Youtube or Instagram? Don’t miss out on a new source of traffic, potential followers, and even income.

Decentralized social networks allow people to earn cryptocurrency by creating articles, videos, and photos, and then sharing and commenting on them. The most popular decentralized platform for creators is Steemit. Besides Steemit, there is a blockchain platform for video – DTube – and visual content – Steepshot – which operate off of the same principles as Steemit.

Run a masternode

Everyone who is involved in crypto has inevitably heard about masternodes, but no one knows what is it. In a nutshell, Masternodes contain a full copy of a blockchain and help to facilitate transactions. When you run a masternode you get free coins as a reward for your contribution to the network.

However, this is kind of a quid pro quo game, because you get cryptocurrency in exchange for your power, so you need to calculate your electricity losses to understand how much profit can you get. This option is not really ideal for a beginners, but rather for advanced crypto enthusiasts. You need a certain amount of a project’s coins to qualify to run a masternode. So if you have a solid portfolio you should take a closer look at this idea.

Work for Bitcoins

Don’t want to buy Bitcoin – work for it! If you are an experienced professional, try freelancing. Even if you have just graduated from university, you probably have some marketable knowledge and skills. Today, freelancing is a common thing for our generation and, with the growth of cryptocurrencies, freelance platforms that pay with crypto have appeared on the market.

The most popular are CryptoGrind, XBTFreelancer, and Coinality. Each has unique features: some platforms provide secure escrow for payments or allow workers to dictate the price for their services. Take a look at them and choose the one that suits you best.

Try crypto faucets

Crypto faucets are special websites which reward you with digital money for simple actions like watching some videos, clicking on links, participating in surveys, etc. Why are they called faucets? Because they give you tiny drops of coins, so don’t go into it expecting they’ll make you rich.

The hardest thing here is to find a website that is not scammy and really pays out. So we won’t give you any specific advice except to google it, do your own research, and give it a try.

Ok, now you’ve finally earned some coins and wondering where to keep them. Store your cryptocurrency in Freewallet. We have iOS, Android and web-versions of the wallet, which supports more than 40 currencies and tokens. We guarantee that your assets will be safe and protected with our top-notch security features. You won’t be confused by a complex interface and, in case of any problems, our support team will help you 24/7. Feel free to sign up and check it out.


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