Freewallet has been supporting the EOS cryptocurrency for a long time. The relationship between Freewallet and EOS started when Freewallet introduced support for the ERC-20 token, expanded when Freewallet held an EOS token-swap and culminated with the release of a stand-alone app specifically for the EOS coin. If you are holding EOS cryptocurrency right now we have some awesome news to share with you. In 6 months Freewallet EOS holders have saved over $500,000 and you have taken part in this achievement.

How is it possible?

Sounds awesome, but aren’t EOS transactions free of charge? Yes, you don’t need to pay for transactions, but the idea that EOS is absolutely free is one of the biggest misconceptions.

In fact, in order to create an EOS account and process operations, you have to buy EOS blockchain resources called RAM, CPU and NET. The price for account registration can vary from $2 to $20 and it also depends on the exchange rate of the coin.

How I can save this money?

At Freewallet, we take these expenses on ourselves, thus our users can create EOS account absolutely for free. So, with Freewallet you save on fees that other crypto enthusiasts have to give for RAM, CPU and NET. We took the average price and analyzed an amount saved by Freewallet EOS holders by accessing the EOS system through our platform. Here’s what we’ve got.

Freewallet EOS (1).jpg

Ok, I want to get EOS

If you want to hold EOS and join their community you’ve got two options:

  • You can create EOS account on Freewallet: Crypto Wallet and manage it anywhere you want – on the web, iOS or Android.
  • You can download our stand-alone EOS wallet for Android devices and manage the coin there.
    If you don’t have EOS you can top up your wallet with any cryptocurrency, it will be converted automatically into EOS.

Still got questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our support team. They are working 24/7 and ready to assist you.


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