Faster Tether — Now with Freewallet

Starting today, you can transact Tether (USDT) deployed on the Tron network. It means that your transaction with Tether (USDT) will be faster and cheaper! Why so? TRON is a scalable platform with high throughput. Therefore, it spares the network high gas fees and delivers the financial result of your payment faster than Ethereum. 

Try new Tether transactions now!

By enabling Tether on Tron, Freewallet has expanded the set of contracts belonging to the Tether ecosystem. In addition to USDT_TRON, a Freewallet user can trade with Tether on the Ethereum blockchain and Omni layer. These are USDT20 and Tether coins, respectively.  

What Freewallet apps support Tether?

  • Crypto App includes all available assets!
  • The single-currency Tether app is for the Onmi blockchain (addresses start with “3). It’s available for both iOS and Android OS;
  • Remember that Tether Omni, USDT20, and Tether TRON are three different blockchain platforms.

Purchase and exchange transactions will soon be enabled for Tether on Tron, please keep up with our announcements!

Got questions? Our support team is available 24/7 for all your queries!



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