Since 2016 Freewallet has developed over 30 applications, released tons of features and worked tirelessly on security and user experience. Like most creators, we want to be aware of how our work is received by its intended audience. Here we will talk about why your feedback is so important for us and how to create a detailed review of the app.

Why give feedback

Your feedback is guidance. The feedback you give companies provides them with a direction in which to work. Knowledge of our strong and weak points will help us improve our service. So, in you reviewing you will be guiding us as to how we can improve our product which will, in turn, make your customer experience better.

Your feedback is fuel for developers. It works as a huge motivational tool for the whole team. When feedback is positive, this fuel pumps our engines and makes us fly. If it is negative – it is a reason to get angry in a good way and make our clients happier with everything.

Your feedback helps potential customers. A good and detailed review helps others to understand when a product is suitable for them, and when it is not.

How not to give feedback

Technical reasons feedback

“Sent 2 ETH and STILL NOT RECEIVED IT, DO SOMETHING!!!”. Please don’t write these messages on social media. Such inquiries should be headed straight to our support team. These guys work 24/7 and will guide you on such issues.

Freewallet: Crypto Wallet review not detailed

“This wallet is awesome!” – thanks for the kind words, but here come some questions – why it is awesome, why do you like it? Very nice of you to give us this comment but it won’t help your fellow users or our developers.

How to give feedback

Ok so you got the main idea, the point is to make a detailed review. So, here are some ideas that can help:

  • Tell us what you like about the app.
  • The things you think need improvement.
  • How do you use the service.
  • What do you expect from the app in the future.

Here’s an example of a nice review of the Freewallet: Crypto Wallet application:
Freewallet: Crypto Wallet review detailed
The post answers at least two questions – what the person likes about the service and how he uses it.

As you can see this review was rated by other people and got 5 thumbs up – that means that this review was helpful for 5 people. We are sure that you can create a helpful review too 🙂

When to give feedback

  • You’ve been using the app for some time and you want to give feedback about your experience.
  • Customer support helped you with your problem.
  • The app has been updated.
  • You simply like the app and want to make us happy with your warm comment.

Where to give feedback

Social media is the perfect place to share some thoughts about the project or ask something. Your comment won’t go unnoticed.

Freewallet review and response in twitter

The best overall option is to review the app in Google Play or AppStore – because this helps A LOT! It is the best place for potential users to learn about the app and it helps our application grow. Your reviews attract more people to the service. This helps to make our product better and faster.

Over the years we have developed over 30 mobile applications for mobile phones and the web. We have added over 150 cryptocurrencies and were the first to support BCH and TRX coins. Exchange functions, free transfers between Freewallet users, absolutely free EOS accounts and so on and so forth.

If you have something to say about all this, drop us a few lines. What do you like about the project, what needs improvement and what do you expect from us in the future. It could be very helpful. Visit our pages on Google Play or AppStore and leave your comment.


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