Where and How to Buy Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. Its name is no coincidence: this cryptocurrency is the result of a hard fork of the first crypto by market capitalization, Bitcoin (BTC). 

The two blockchains have many characteristics in common – as you will discover by reading this article – but BCH has some advantages in terms of transaction costs. 

Go on reading to discover this crypto, and how and where to buy Bitcoin Cash in 2022. 

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash?

Many exchanges support Bitcoin Cash (BCH): as long as they are reliable and in line with national regulations, you can safely use them. 

Freewallet is one of those platforms that have both of these characteristics, moreover, it offers you at least three ways to buy Bitcoin Cash instantly, which is why Freewallet is one of the best places to buy Bitcoin Cash. Let’s see each option in detail: 

  • The multi-currency wallet: this is the wallet released by Freewallet to use and manage all the cryptocurrencies supported by the platform – over 150. This tool can be used as a web app – just by signing up to Freewallet and entering your personal dashboard – or as a mobile app – which can be downloaded on both iOs and Android devices. To buy BCH with this tool, just select the crypto, the amount you want to buy, and the payment method. 
  • The dedicated BCH wallet: if you want to get and fully manage your BCH using a tool exclusively dedicated to this cryptocurrency, you can use the dedicated BCH wallet released by Freewallet – available as a web app and on mobile. The process to buy BCH is straightforward and very similar to the one we described above. This happens because all the methods you can choose to buy BCH on Freewallet have something in common. 
  • Buy Bitcoin Cash with a credit card: this is a common feature. No matter the tool you choose for your BCH, on Freewallet you can use your credit card thanks to the partners Freewallet uses to facilitate payments – Moonpay and Simplex. 

When you use your card, you can even choose to buy BCH without downloading any app – just go to the homepage of Freewallet and use the intuitive exchange interface, you’ll just need to select “BCH” and the amount, choose the currency you want to use to pay and add your BCH wallet address. 

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash in the USA

If you’re from the USA and you want to buy BCH, you can easily do that by using reliable exchanges. Freewallet, thanks to MoonPay, is able to offer US citizens the opportunity to buy BCH in the USA – just read FAQ to make sure that you’re from one of the supported states.

Actually, Bitcoin Cash is one of the cryptocurrencies used by one of the most popular movie theater chains in the United States – AMC Theaters. In November 2021, the company started offering cryptocurrencies as a payment method to buy tickets, and BCH is among them. 

So, US citizens can already find some useful ways to actually spend their crypto assets. 

Exchange Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin And Any Cryptocurrency

As we mentioned, Freewallet supports over 150 cryptocurrencies. Making an exchange is a very useful way to diversify your portfolio, or rebalance it periodically – according to your strategies. 

For instance, if you already own BCH you may choose to exchange it for Bitcoin – which is a cryptocurrency that played a major role in the creation of BCH, as we will see later – or any other crypto supported by Freewallet – including ERC20 tokens. 

The process is intuitive and mainly designed to provide a seamless user experience – and you’ll have different options to make an exchange. 

How to Make a Bitcoin Cash Exchange?

As we said earlier, every user who decides to sign up for Freewallet will have access to a personal dashboard. This is the page that allows you to fully manage your cryptos and use all the services provided by the platform. Moreover, it can be extremely useful when it comes to exchanges. Let’s explain better. 

As we mentioned, you can use the exchange on the homepage of Freewallet to buy cryptocurrencies, and this is the first step if you don’t already own crypto assets. 

To complete the transaction, you need a crypto wallet. But what if you don’t have one?

In this case, Freewallet gives you the option to create a wallet directly on the platform. Just select “don’t have one” and you’ll be redirected to the sign-up page. There, you can also set a pin code that will make it easier for you to access your dashboard. Once there, all you need to do is find the wallet you need. If you can’t find it on the main page, just select “Add wallets”: you can now add to your dashboard any wallet supported by the platform – including the BCH wallet. 

Now you’re all set for your exchange. Select “Exchange coins”, select the pair and the amount you want to exchange, check the details of your transactions and complete it. 

If you want to sell your BCH instead, you can use the innovative feature released by Freewallet. 

How to Sell Bitcoin Cash

Freewallet introduced a useful tool to give crypto owners the possibility to spend their assets. 

In fact, you won’t have the possibility to directly cash out from Freewallet, but you’ll have two alternatives: 

  • Send your asset to a wallet that allows you to connect your bank account;
  • Use your cryptos in hundreds of stores. 

This is possible thanks to the “Buy gift card” feature: you can access this tool from your personal dashboard. You’ll find over 1,000 gift cards from popular brands – such as Amazon, Google Play, and Uber. 

You can easily find the gift card you want to buy thanks to the available filters – you can filter them by location or popularity, and choose among cards with different values, from $1 to $1000. 

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Bitcoin Cash was born in 2017 from a hard fork of the first crypto by market cap – Bitcoin (BTC). 

Also, BCH can be used for transactions but has some advantages when compared to BTC. In fact, it allows for faster transactions, as well as lower costs. It makes it useful for both macro and micro transactions – transaction fees can be as low as 1 cent. 

The fact that Bitcoin Cash is mainly used for transactions is not the only point in common between BTC and BCH, but also the structure and the functioning of the two blockchains are very similar. 

Is Bitcoin Cash a Good Investment?

Should I buy Bitcoin Cash? This is a question that traders and investors need to answer before making any kind of investment. As usual, no one can answer this question: each trader and investor should evaluate each project according to objective elements and their needs. 

For what concerns BCH, these are the elements that can be evaluated:

  • As we mentioned, it allows for faster and less costly transactions, making it a good alternative to BTC;
  • BCH, like Bitcoin, works on a proof-of-work consensus mechanism – we’re talking about a decentralized and fully permissionless financial instrument;
  • Bitcoin Cash has a maximum supply: set at 21 million BCH – so, it has the same max supply of BTC – its limitedness is one of the main characteristics that can allow this crypto asset to increase its value over time, one of the principles that drive Bitcoin’s value


Where to buy Bitcoin Cash and how to buy it? In this article, we answered these questions, but we also gave you useful and objective info about BCH: the crypto born from a hard fork of Bitcoin, shares many characteristics with the most popular cryptocurrency available. All these elements can help you to evaluate Bitcoin Cash, but remember: always do your own research before investing. 



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