The first chatbot technically appeared in the 1960s. But they have only become widespread in recent years, as a result of text messaging becoming a pervasive part of life and progress in machine learning. Major technological giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc. have chatbots to makelife for their users much easier. Customers can find answers to their questions within a few seconds just by texting on their phones. The Freewallet team wants our community to feel as comfortable as possible when communicating with us, so we have created a chatbot to improve our service and solve your problems as soon as they appear.

What is the Freewallet chatbot

So, what is the Freewallet chatbot anyway? Basically, it is special software that can communicate with you on Skype or Telegram. It is your virtual buddy, who chats with you via messenger and provides you with the information you seek instantly.

Imagine that you need an answer to a simple question like: what currencies does Freewallet support or what is Bitcoin’s exchange rate. But you don’t have time to search for it on the website or contact the support team. With this feature, you can simply text for the information you need.

How can the chatbot help me?

We’ve gathered answers to frequently asked questions and prepared some handy information for advanced crypto enthusiasts. The chatbot can give you information about:

  • Freewallet supported cryptocurrencies.
  • Exchange rate of supported coins.
  • Status of your transactions.
  • Account and security features.
  • Blockchain technology basics, etc.

The Freewallet chatbot can assist you with basic problems whether it is a forgotten password or stuck transaction. You will receive a step-by-step guide to solve your issue. In case, it doesn’t help you can submit a ticket to the Freewallet support team via the bot.

How the bot works

Currently, is available for Skype and Telegram. Just choose the one that suits you best.

To start with use some basic commands such as:

  • Start – Start your conversation with us.
  • Stop – Stop the conversation.
  • Supportbtc – type this command + the currency to find out if it’s supported by Freewallet.
  • Statusbtc – type this command + currency to get the status of this coin.
  • Call human – submit a support ticket.
  • Convert – use this command to view the current exchange rate of currency.

You can ask the bot other information about Freewallet’s service and he will give a definite answer or guide you with follow-up questions to solve your issue. But don’t forget that it is a piece of code, not a human being, so keep it simple. The bot responds to messages containing certain keywords. If he doesn’t understand you, feel free to text “call human” and you’ll be contacted by our support specialist.

We will be improving to make it smarter, funnier and more useful. If you have any ideas how to make it better, write to [email protected].


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