One of Freewallet’s advantageous features is its various login options, including: email, phone number, Facebook and Google+. Recently, Google has announced that they are going to end the operations of their social network. As a result, Freewallet will switch Google+ to Google account as a login option. Freewallet users will have to just update the apps — we will do everything for them.

I’ve been using Google+ to log in, what should I do?

If you have been using Google+ to log in, this doesn’t mean that now you have to rush to create a new account and transfer all your assets there. You also don’t need to bombard our support team with requests to delete your wallet associated with the Google+ account.

We have everything under our control. Everyone who created their Freewallet account with Google+ will be able to access their wallet via Google account option.

If you use Freewallet’s iOS or Android applications, please, update your app to login.

Google will shut down Google + login method on March 7, 2019, however we will remove Google+ from Freewallet’s authorization options in the coming days to make the migration smooth.

What will happen with my funds?

Your money is safe and nothing will change. Everything will remain the same: your balance, wallets, addresses, transaction history etc, the only difference is that your Freewallet account will be associated with your email address from now on. You will be able to access it wherever you like: on the web, iOS, and Android.

Why is Google+ shutting down?

One of the major factors behind this decision is the low popularity and engagement of the network. 90% of sessions on Google+ last less than 5 seconds. However, Google plans to develop its service for corporate customers. It will be possible to use Google+ as a secure corporate social network. This transformation will occur within 10 months after closing.
If you have more questions regarding your account with Freewallet, feel free to talk with our support team.


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