KIN token is finally migrating to its own blockchain. Freewallet is excited to announce that we have become a partner for KIN swap and will support KIN coin. You can freely deposit, store and exchange KIN coin on Freewallet: Crypto Wallet. Please, don’t forget to use Extra ID while depositing KIN coins.

Hold on, what is KIN coin?

KIN is a cryptocurrency for a blockchain ecosystem originally built on Ethereum and Stellar platforms. Later, KIN was moved off of Ethereum and migrated to their own blockchain, which is a fork of Stellar. The project is developed by Kik Interactive, based in Canada. They have made one of the biggest mobile messengers, dubbed Kik Messenger. Now it has over 300 million unique user accounts. The platform has become popular for its bots which can entertain you with funny videos, give make-up tips, and even order food.

How is KIN used?

The core idea behind the KIN cryptocurrency and entire KIN ecosystem is to reward people who create content and share their valuable experience and expertise with others. Thus, everyone gets paid according to the value they create. Currently, there are more than 30 applications which use KIN cryptocurrency with more than 80000 active KIN spenders each month. The most popular platform for the token is its native KIK messenger.

Additionally, the KIN Foundation successfully integrated their token into Perfect365 – the beauty application with augmented reality and Nearby – an application for meeting new people. These apps have millions of users who will soon have access to KIN.

The KIN Foundation launches Developer Programs, encouraging more apps to join them and try the benefits of digital money with the KIN token.
According to Block’tivity, KIN is on the list of the top-10 cryptocurrencies based on their transaction activity, generating hundreds of thousands of transactions each day.

How to participate in the KIN token swap

First of all, if you have KIN tokens you need to exchange them in one of the swap partners or exchanges such as HitBTC. The partners will facilitate the swap within the next 3 months, while exchanges only within a few days. Freewallet is an official wallet for receiving KIN coins. Please note that if you send KIN tokens to Freewallet address, the transaction won’t be reflected because we support the new KIN mainnet Coin. Check the thorough guide with the list of swap partners.

After the swap, deposit your KIN coins on Freewallet: Crypto Wallet for the web and Android (KIN for iOS will be available soon), where you can:

  • Manage KIN and other +100 coins in a secure and free crypto wallet.
  • Enjoy fee-free transactions between the Freewallet users.
  • Top up your KIN wallet balance with +100 cryptocurrencies.
  • Check your balance in fiat currencies and monitor the exchange rate of KIN coin with real-time price-charts.
  • Protect your wallet with high-grade security features including 2FA and multi-sig. Most of the crypto assets are moved into cold storage, saving them from any potential hacker attacks.

Please, don’t forget to use Extra ID while depositing KIN coins.

If you have any questions regarding the KIN coin, please contact our support team.


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