April 2020 was a time of re-configuration for the cryptocurrency market. Crypto-related businesses have had to adapt to the new economic environment shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bitcoin has risen after the March crash and returned to levels last seen in January. Crypto holders and enthusiasts have been encouraged by DeFi growth and are currently abuzz about the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

We at Freewallet have added new exchange technology for a list of 54 coins and ERC20 tokens, including BTC, ETH, EOS, and LTC. This technology allows exchanges to be executed in 2-3 minutes and with better rates and enhanced anonymity. We have also held Treasure Hunters Contests on our Reddit and Twitter to support this innovation and were highly impressed by the engagement of Freewallet community members. 

Freewallet in Reviews and Rankings

As a result of our сontinuous development and integration of new features, we’ve landed on a few different industry rankings lists. “Freewallet, in general, is a good example of a simple and reputable altcoin wallet tailored to crypto beginners who want to buy, sell and store their crypto in one place” – said Nulltx.com.
Also, a number of publications have been updating their Freewallet reviews due to our implementation of new exchange technology as part of our partnership with Changelly. Here is a small part of the media publications that have featured us in reviews and rankings:


Our April exclusives covered the most pressing topics, like the price of Bitcoin and how to make the most out of self-isolation in crypto-related style. The Freewallet team put together recommendations that can help you maximize your quarantine and published them on Bravenewcoin.com. According to the article, the best activities to keep you productive while staying at home are:

  • Analyzing your crypto-based financial operations
  • Calmly examining the market situation
  • Trying different strategies of crypto trading
  • Remembering the true purpose of blockchain
  • Entertaining yourself with crypto gaming

Read more about that here:

Bravenewcoin.com | Five crypto activities to keep you productive during the COVID-19 quarantine

And here’s another article with our partner Coinfunda that covers the future of the Bitcoin market and its adaptation to the global changes: 

Coinfunda.com | A Cheaper Bitcoin Means More Purchases

New Crypto-Geography series

Solomon Brown, our Head of PR and experienced crypto traveler, turned to the motherland of Goethe and Beethoven. His latest Crypto Geography article highlights cryptocurrency regulations and mining in Germany, how German banks trade crypto and how German businesses use blockchain technology and crypto.

“In 2018, the country exempted Bitcoin transactions from VAT. From now on, buyers and sellers of Bitcoin have to pay a tax if the sale happens sooner than 12 months after purchase. In this case, a progressive income tax of up to 45% applies for all gains. The good news is the income of individuals received from the sale of crypto coins is not subject to income tax if the period between purchase and sale transactions is 1 year or more” – said Solomon in the new Crypto Geography article. 

Cryptoglobe.com | The Two Faces of the German Crypto Boom: Crypto Geography


We at Freewallet do our best to create and continue dialogue with crypto opinion leaders by interviewing them and making it available to our community. Recently we have chatted with the Managing director at Bitcoin.com and a representative from Bitmain, the biggest Korean crypto community, and published these mind-expanding talks on our blog. Enjoy!



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