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Freewallet Media Review December 2020 – January 2021


Freewallet Media Review December 2020, January 2021 Blog Cover

For the crypto community, the last two months will be remembered for the unprecedented Bitcoin rally that has taken place. In mid-December the original cryptocurrency broke its own 2017 record price and jumped above $20,000. On January 7th Bitcoin managed to surpass $40,000 during a bull run fueled by institutional interest, newly emerging crypto indexes and the largest economies searching to recover from Covid-19 repercussions.

Meanwhile, multiple tokens also saw surges in what has been named “Altcoin season.” Ethereum, Link, Uni, Egld, and Aave hit their all time highs, thus making the growth of DeFi one of the major driving forces behind the enhanced Bitcoin dominance.

But then came some wild price swings, which have kept investors on high alert. At the same time, discussions continue about the future of Bitcoin under new U.S. president Joe Biden.

Interviews & Op-eds

In December Solomon Brown, our Head of PR, had the pleasure of speaking with Brave New Coin. The talk was about the impact the incoming administration is likely to have on the digital finance industry in America. “My work at Freewallet and the research I have done into the various legislative approaches being taken with crypto around the world has made the topic of the US Government’s attitude to crypto of particular interest to me, as it is, I am sure, to many,” - admits Solomon. Addressing the former U.S. president Trump’s attitude towards digital currencies, Solomon concludes that it would be the best possible scenario if Biden followed suit.

Bravenewcoin.com | Biden ignoring crypto would be a best case scenario

After that Solomon participated in a CoinJournal expert panel on the same topic. The questions covered the correlation between the election results and Bitcoin’s recent performance, the impending U.S.—China confrontation and predictions beyond 2021. “Biden’s stance on crypto is more welcoming than Trump’s and that’s definitely supported the recent surge in price,” - states Solomon.

Coinjournal.net | Industry Experts Speculate on the Future of Bitcoin Under Biden

Freewallet Lightning-Fast Exchanges Release

With BTC climbing back to ATH levels, Freewallet users are in prime position to take action in a market where speed can mean everything. Thanks to the implementation of smart exchange technology, the exchange speeds are now among the fastest in the industry, clocking in at an average completion time of less than a minute. These instant exchanges are available for over 50 of Freewallet’s supported currencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, and LTE. But the speed increase does not spell out an accompanying fee hike for Freewallet users. While rates on transactions have remained the same, the minimum amount necessary to make a transaction has been cut in half to the equivalent of $5. In addition to all of this, users that are making transactions within the Freewallet ecosystem are still able to enjoy them at no cost.

Here is a list of the media outlets that have supported the update, check them out to get more information:

Cointelegraph.com | Freewallet revamp introduces lightning-fast exchanges

Coinspeaker.com | Freewallet Now Allows Exchanges to Process Faster than Ever

Cryptodaily.co.uk | Freewallet Unveils 30-Second Exchanges

Thecoinrise.com | Exchanges even faster now with Freewallet

Invezz.com | Freewallet enters fast exchange crypto space with new offering

Coinfunda.com | Freewallet offers Instant, Fee-Free Exchange of Crypto Assets

Cryptoverze.com | Freewallet has increased platform’s exchange speed

Omgaltcoin.com | Freewallet unveils improved exchange features

Cryptogeek.info | How to Exchange Transactions in a Matter of Seconds?

Visionary-finance.com | Freewallet Enhances Core Features To Bolster User Experience

Freewallet introduces gift cards feature and partners with Moonpay

On the way to becoming a one-stop platform in crypto, Freewallet announced implementation of gift cards thanks to partnerships with 800+ brands, including iTunes, Uber, eBay, Adidas etc. Now, Freewallet users will be able to celebrate their loved ones (or perhaps themselves) with gift cards, bought with crypto.

Another significant development has been the integration of MoonPay, one of the industry’s premier fiat to crypto transaction facilitators. By bringing in MoonPay, Freewallet has enhanced its purchase with card function. Now users can utilize any of the 42 major fiat currencies supported by MoonPay to purchase Bitcoin, altcoins and ERC20 tokens.

You can read about these releases in one of the many trustable outlets that spread the word about them in 5 languages:

Cointelegraph.com | Freewallet now offering users gift cards, continues exchange revamp

Coinspeaker.com | Freewallet now offering users gift cards, continues exchange revamp

Invezz.com | Freewallet launches gift cards as the part of creating a one-stop platform

Coinjournal.com | Freewallet rolls off gift cards as part of exchange revamp

Thecoinrise.com | Freewallet now offering users gift cards, continues exchange revamp

Kryptomoney.com | Freewallet now offering users gift cards, continues exchange revamp

Cryptoverze.com | Freewallet now offering users gift cards, continues exchange revamp

Visionary-finance.com | Freewallet now offering users gift cards, continues exchange revamp

Omgaltcoin.com | Freewallet now offering users gift cards, continues exchange revamp

Cryptogeek.com| Freewallet now offering users gift cards, continues exchange revamp

Coin-hero.de | Freewallet führt im Rahmen der Börsen-Umgestaltung Geschenkkarten ein

Coin24.fr | Freewallet lance des cartes cadeaux suite à la refonte de son système

Guiadobitcoin.com.br | Freewallet lança cartões de presente como parte da reformulação do Exchange

Freewallet in Reviews and Rankings

“Already one of the most popular wallet platforms, Freewallet is now winning people over by taking care of their exchange needs at industry-best speeds and without having to risk anything from a security perspective. While full-fledged exchanges may be great for diehard traders, convenience and simplicity are winning the day,” - says Coincodex.com, which mentions us as a one-stop platform for all your crypto operations.

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