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Free off-chain withdrawals for all MinerGate users


Together with the MinerGate team, we have been testing the infrastructure and technology of off-chain microtransaction for 8 months. Since December 2017, Minergate users have had an option to withdraw mined assets to Freewallet. These transactions were free of charge and instant.

Freewallet cooperates with Minergate

Only once we were able to confirm that the off-chain transactions work seamlessly, we decided to widen our agreement. From now on, all withdrawal transactions from MInerGate will go through Freewallet.

For Freewallet, it represented a great opportunity to attract new users and test the technology for future partnerships.

For MinerGate, it means that they can focus on their core business, which is mining, and let us be in charge of the security of users funds.

As a result of this agreement, MinerGate users also get a 50% lower minimum withdrawal limit.