Freewallet introduces paid refunds

06 Jun 2018, 20:54

From July 2018, Freewallet is going to launch paid refunds. It means that if your funds get stuck on the blockchain and if it is technically possible, we can provide a refund for a fixed fee of $30.

The refunds are currently done for free, but they are very time-consuming. We receive several hundred refund requests every month, which creates additional workload for our technical team, so some of the requests take longer than 3 months to be processed. To process them faster, we have decided to assign more people to work on refund requests.

Why can coins get stuck on the blockchain?

Here are the reasons why your coins can get stuck.

It usually happens for one reason: wrong address usage. For example, when you try to send Bitcoin to your Bitcoin Cash address directly, your BTC will get stuck.

Your funds can also get stuck when you are sent the ERC-20 tokens that Freewallet doesn’t support. Before receiving any payments, please revise the list of the tokens that are currently supported at If this is what has happened to your funds, we will help you return them.

How to submit a request

So, if by bad luck your assets got stuck on the blockchain, you need to submit a support request for a refund.

So that we best know how we can help you with your case, please include in your request the following information:

  • Your Freewallet user ID

  • The date of the transaction

  • Transaction hash

  • The type of your transaction: an exchange, a swap between two wallets etc.

  • The currencies involved in the transaction. For example, if you tried to send Litecoin to your Bitcoin address, the coins involved will be Litecoin and Bitcoin.

  • Any other transaction details that you consider important

After that, we will start to investigate what happened to your funds. Furthermore, we will establish whether it is technically possible to retrieve your assets and if you are eligible for a refund. In any case, we will keep you up to date with the process.

SLAs: refund fee and ETA

All the refunds are done for a fixed fee of $30 worth of the retrieved coins on the date of the actual refund. The resources spent on retrieving the coins are equal for all transactions, so this fee is effective for refunds of all sizes.

The ETA of the refund is 60 days.