Where and How to Buy Celsius (CEL) in 2022

If you want to know where to buy Celsius (CEL), you should first know that this crypto token fuels one of the most popular CeFi banking platforms in the crypto space. 

Throughout this article, we will cover all the main characteristics of this cryptocurrency, where to buy CEL token and how it works – as well as the platform fueled by this token, the Celsius Network, where you can buy Celsius and use it to earn rewards. 

How to Buy CEL?

Celsius: where to buy this crypto?

Freewallet allows you to buy CEL with your card, and that’s how you can do it: 

  • Go to the exchange on the homepage of Freewallet or simply click “Buy with card”;
  • Select the amount of CEL you want to get or how much money you want to spend;
  • Add your CEL address. If you don’t have one, you can easily get a new wallet on Freewallet. Just go to your personal dashboard, click “Add wallet” and locate Celsius. Once you add the wallet, click on “Receive” to discover the address, copy it, and paste it into the appropriate section of the exchange. 

If you already have a wallet, just paste the address.

  • Click “Continue”: you’ll be redirected to one of Freewallet’s partners – like Simplex – to complete the payment. 

How to Buy CEL token in the USA

If you are from the United States, and you want to know how to buy a Celsius coin, there are a few things you should know first. 

Of course, one of the best places to buy CEL token is the Celsius Network. Unfortunately, even if the platform provides you with options that answer the question where can I buy Celsius?, it makes it clear that CEL is not publicly available in the US. 

So, users can’t buy directly on Celsius Network if they’re a US person. But if you’re one of those who are asking where can I buy Celsius coin?, consider that Freewallet gives you many ways to get this crypto. 

Exchange Celsius for Bitcoin and any cryptocurrency

Freewallet allows you to use and manage hundreds of cryptocurrencies. 

If you consider the number of dedicated wallets, the multicurrency wallet, and all the options offered to add new wallets, it’s easy to understand why this platform can be considered an all-in-one platform where you can fully manage your crypto assets. 

Here you can buy, store, receive, use and send your cryptocurrencies, and choose to use both the desktop version and the official mobile application. 

So, even if you don’t have the opportunity to directly buy Celsius coin on Freewallet, you can still easily get this crypto and decide to use it to buy gift cards – as we will see later, to exchange it, to receive it directly on Freewallet. 

Moreover, if you get your CEL and want to exchange it for BTC, you’ll also be able to use the “Top up phone” option with Bitcoin. 

The point is that even when you can’t make direct purchases thanks to Freewallet’s payments providers, you can still add different wallets and use any supported cryptocurrencies – consider that there are almost 600 wallets available just for tokens. 

How to Make a Celsius Exchange?

The procedure to make an exchange is straightforward. 

First off, consider that you can directly deposit CEL on Freewallet thanks to the “Receive” option and to the high level of personalization of the dashboard that Freewallet allows. 

But if you already have other cryptos and you want to get CEL, all you need to do is select the “Exchange” option from your personal area.

Once you select the option, just choose the crypto you want to use to make the exchange and the crypto you want to get – in this case, Celsius. 

Before you complete the transaction, you’ll see a recap window that shows you all the details of the transaction you’re about to make – so, don’t worry about mistakes, you’ll have the opportunity to modify the details. 

Select the crypto you want to exchange and the amount: after this step, you’ll see the amount of CEL you’re going to get. 

Now, you can easily recheck details and complete your transaction – an easy and viable alternative if you want to know how to buy CEL crypto. 

How to Sell Celsius

Freewallet realized a system that allows you to make the most out of your cryptocurrencies. 

While the majority of the exchanges only allow you to sell your cryptocurrencies to cash out, Freewallet gives you a useful alternative that permits you to spend your crypto assets as you wish. 

This alternative is provided by allowing you to buy gift cards directly from the platform. You can choose among hundreds of stores, including the most popular ones like Amazon and Netflix. 

This unusual feature is part of the efforts of Freewallet to favor a wider adoption of cryptocurrencies: by allowing you to spend your cryptos in countless ways, it makes it possible to really replace fiat also when it comes to your everyday purchases. 

All you need to do is access your personal dashboard and select “Buy gift card”: you can do that with all your cryptos – also with Celsius.

You can navigate the stores by choosing the country where you want to spend your gift card, or navigate the menu by alphabetical order. 

For each store you’ll find all the available gift cards – whose price can be as low as $1 – so you can choose how much cryptos to spend and use those gift cards for yourself or anyone else. 

What is Celsius (CEL)?

With almost 2 million users so far, the Celsius Network has proven to be one of the most successful crypto projects around. 

As a link between the most traditional financial services available, and the blockchain-based decentralization proper of the crypto space, Celsius enters the fintech market by providing its users with more inclusive financial opportunities. 

Founded in 2018, in just 3 years the network managed to reach over $10 billion in community assets. The goal of its founders, Alex Mashinsky and Daniel Leon, was to create a more inclusive financial space to allow its users to be a part of the modern economy. 

Celsius makes it possible to earn rewards by hodling and staking assets, to get loans, to profit from fair yields. Simply put, it’s like a banking platform but with all the benefits of the crypto industry. 

Working also as a CeFi exchange, users will need to sign up and provide their personal details, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to profit from the advantages of crypto-based financial products: for instance, to get a loan you don’t need to prove that you have a good credit score, but just that you own enough crypto assets to use them as collateral. 

The whole network is fueled by its asset, Celsius (CEL): let’s discover how this cryptocurrency works. 

Is Celsius a Good Investment?

Since no one can tell you if an investment can be good or bad, we can tell you what are the characteristics of this crypto project. 

Celsius (CEL) is an ERC-20 token that has many functions within the Celsius Network:

  • First off, you can hold Celsius tokens on the platform: this will allow you to earn 6.68% APY on your staked assets and receive weekly rewards;
  • If you get a loan and pay interest with CEL, you can get up to a 25% discount on your loans;
  • Thanks to its loyalty program, you can increase your weekly rewards for the services used on the platform by up to 30%. 

This token has useful functions, but that’s not all.

The supply of this token is not unlimited: both total and maximum supply are set at 695,658,160 CEL. 

Moreover, this token works on a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, so this incentivizes users to stake this token and reduce the supply available.

All this considered, we can safely assess that the project behind the cryptocurrency took many measures to make this asset increase its value over time

CEL/USD price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap


Where to buy CEL? To answer this and other questions we created this article, to give you all the information you need to know about Celsius. 

Of course, always do your own research before investing – this article doesn’t want to give you any financial advice, but it’s a good source of info if you want to discover Celsius. 



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