Where and how to buy Polygon

The article doesn’t present investment advice. Please be sure to do your own research before you invest real money.

Polygon is one of the leading Blockchain providers out there – 20,000 projects, 50+ DApps and 65,000 transactions per second. The main selling point is the choice of multiple solutions: proof-of-stake, sidechains and enterprise chains, Plasma and ZK rollups. Currently, they operate on the Ethereum platform, but in the future a mainnet launch is due.

Polygon has been widely expanding its ecosystem last year merging with top companies in the field and announcing new products. The ambitions of the project are to beat Solana and Avalanche, and this may very well come true.

Freewallet is in a sort of MATIC marathon. We’ve already issued a Polygon price prediction and a staking guide. Third time’s the charm: now we’re about to give you some practical advice in order to complete the Polygon binge reading strike.

If you’re wondering:

  • Where to buy Polygon crypto;
  • How to sell the Polygon Matic coin;
  • How to exchange Matic;
  • Is buying Polygon crypto profitable;

How to Buy MATIC?

Freewallet allows for direct purchases via credit cards. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Access our iOS & Android multi-coin app or the web version of the wallet; 
  • Create an account (we ask you to provide only the necessary personal information) and come up with a PIN (it will be used to secure your logins into the system);
  • View your personal dashboard;
  • Press “Buy with a card” (in the mobile version, it’s just “Buy” in the “Wallets” section);
  • Select MoonPay as the payment provider;
  • Select Polygon (MATIC) from the list of available coins and tokens (the full list of Freewallet’s crypto family); 
  • Select the amount of MATIC you want to purchase (our fee will be displayed below); 
  • Confirm the details on the platform;
  • Check your mail and validate the purchase.

If you want to avoid using your credit card, you can always buy another cryptocurrency and then exchange it for MATIC within Freewallet (we’ll cover that later).

Now that you have MATIC in your Freewallet, you can make all kinds of transactions with it. Let’s find out what they are!

How to Buy MATIC in USA

US citizens are free to purchase MATIC. The country’s regulations regarding crypto are still under construction (the government seeks to come up with measures preventing fraud and sort out taxing), so in order to avoid legal trouble we suggest that you use exchanges that fully comply with the current regulation and are monitoring future laws.

How to Receive MATIC

  • Go to the “Receive” section on your dashboard (here’s how it looks on the desktop and the mobile version;
  • Tap in “MATIC”;
  • Copy your own public Deposit MATIC Address.

Exchange MATIC for Bitcoin and any cryptocurrency

Freewallet supports 500+ crypto products (31 coins, 461 ERC-20’s, 6 EOS & TRX tokens to be precise). 

You can exchange your MATICs for Bitcoin (regular, Cash, Gold, Vault, SV, Silver and Wrapped), Ethereum (regular, Light & Blue), Tether, Doge, Litecoin and Tron.

Each asset is conveniently managed in its separate wallet (all of them can be found on your personal dashboard) and has its own public address for receiving transactions.

How to Make a MATIC Exchange

  • Obtain some MATIC (see above);
  • Press the “Exchange coins” on your dashboard (here’s how it looks on the desktop and the mobile version);
  • Pick your exchange pair;
  • Check the finale volume of your exchange;
  • Confirm the details on the platform;
  • Confirm the exchange through the link in your mailbox.

Note that Freewallet doesn’t charge any fees for crypto exchanges. We do it because we want the crypto world to be more open to everybody and consumer-friendly.

How to Sell MATIC

Unfortunately, we do not allow for cashing out crypto to your bank account. If you want to use your coins as fiat currency for daily purchases, not just a long-term investment, you can do that through gift cards.

Freewallet offers exchanging your crypto for gift cards of 800+ brands including Amazon and Apple, Domino’s and Walmart. The value of the card can range from $1 to $1000

In order to do that, press the “Buy gift card” button ((here’s how it looks on the desktop and the mobile version)

After you do that, Freewallet will automatically locate your country and show the gift cards available to you. 

Our filters allow you to sort gift cards by popularity and country (if you opt to view all of them) and choose how many gift cards should be shown on each page. 

Have fun crypto shopping!

What is Polygon (MATIC)?

Matic is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain. 

It is ranked #17 on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of over $5bil. 

It is used for rewarding Polygon stakers, paying gas fees on the platform and on its sidechains and serving as a settlement currency.

Is Polygon a Good Investment?

This topic is covered in-depth in our price prediction article, so here we’ll just give you a quick recap.

MATIC had a massive bull run last year. It went from $0.03 in Jan to $2.45 in May and then hit an all-time high of $2.8 on Boxing day (fabulous gift for all holders of the token).

However, this year was pretty bearish for the token: it is currently traded at $0.6 (back to the level of April 2021). It has been swinging from $0.5 to $0.7 since the middle of May.

Despite all this, all predictions for the token’s future are very optimistic. MATIC is professed to reach anywhere from $1.49 to $2.87 by the end of the year. After this point, predictions vary greatly. Some say the token will be worth $6.701 in 2027, while others proclaim $50.45 – $54.85 for 2030.

Factoring in the past bullish performance, the somewhat steady decline of today and the sanguine prognosis, MATIC may be called a good investment. Not as direct financial advice, of course, Freewallet never gives that – but as a general statement.


Now you know every operation with MATIC that can be performed with Freewallet. We also tried to give you some insight into whether you should actually stock up on MATIC and perform those operations. Hope this has been helpful!



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