As 2018 is ending, it is time to take a look back at our work and do a roundup of our achievements of this year. It was an eventful and busy year for the Freewallet team: we have launched new features, added more cryptocurrencies and visited several crypto conferences around the globe. Let’s take a look at the most important accomplishments.

Summoned a rain of tokens and coins

Freewallet has increased the number of featured tokens. As you know, ETH addresses are compliant with ERC20 standards, but we don’t support all tokens. The full list of tokens you can store on Freewallet is laid out here. Our next milestone to achieve is 300 tokens on Freewallet.

ERC20 tokens are great, but they’re not enough, so we’ve added more coins including EOS, DigiByte and Power Ledger. During the bear market, stablecoins have become more popular among people tired of the crypto rollercoaster. So, we have added some stable cryptocurrencies like Tether, DAI and TrueUSD.

Leveled-up your security

We are something like high-security nuts. Being obsessed with safety, we’ve made PIN obligatory for all accounts. It is the number one practice among financial services concerned with protecting customers’ assets, so we couldn’t just skip it.
Besides, we’ve introduced transactions limits. Now you can set daily and weekly transaction sizes for any coin. It is very practical, especially for people holding large amount of funds in their wallet. Even if your account gets compromised, which is highly unlikely, or ends up in the wrong hands, the intruder won’t be able to withdraw all your money at once.

Made your crypto life more comfy

We at Freewallet always strive to make the crypto space more comfortable for the community and lower the barrier to entry for newbies. Going to exchanges each time to buy crypto is not very convenient, don’t you think? What if we told you that you can buy BTC, ETH and LTC directly in the wallet with your credit card? Dope, isn’t it? Check the guide to be sure you haven’t missed anything.

Also, we’ve launched a Top-up your phone feature, which allows you to fund your prepaid phone with Bitcoins. Freewallet works with over 400 operators in more than 100 countries. It is available on the Crypto Wallet and Bitcoin wallet for all platforms.

Established new partnerships

In September, we started working with CoinSpeaker, one of the most influential digital media outlets dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Our partnership began with a cool article about how much Freewallet users have saved on transaction fees during the past 12 months. CoinSpeaker supports us by publishing breaking news about Freewallet, and, in return, we share exclusive insights and technological sneak-peeks from our team.

We also haven’t forgotten about our old friends at MinerGate. Having been testing off-chain microtransactions together since December 2017, we have agreed that all withdrawals going through Freewallet will be 100% free. Besides, Claude Lecomte, the CEO of Minergate, has shared mining tips exclusively for Freewallet users. Dive into the mining world and check out the first and second article.

Cared about you

In addition to running numerous articles explaining some basics of Freewallet and blockchain by our support team, sending out warnings to generate new coin addresses or swapping ERC tokens to coins for you, we’ve introduced paid refunds. Sometimes people mix things up and send BTC to Bitcoin Cash address, for example. As a result, a transaction is stuck. Our support team is ready to refund you with a small fee when it is technically possible. If you have faced this problem, please read our refund guide. Also, you may have noticed the updated design of the website and wallets. We’ve dressed up before the New Year with a new style to step into 2019 refined and fresh with you. Hope you like it.

Dear friends, we want to sincerely thank you for your attention to us, your interest in what we are doing, and for your endless trust! We are looking forward to working with you in 2019. More cool things are coming.


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