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What other coins can repeat the success of Dogecoin?

To many of us, the record-breaking rally of DOGE was totally unpredictable. This coin’s common perception was all about its meme character, cheap cost, and light nature. However, this very coin has demonstrated an amazing capability to achieve impressive results through the consolidated efforts of many crypto individuals throughout the world. The Dogecoin performance followed another spontaneous market action inspired by the #GameStop movement. These new market reactions were mostly fueled by social media activity, such as Reddit and Twitter.

As long as market observers’ eyes were caught by the transformation of Dogecoin and new records of Bitcoin, other currencies were almost pushed into the background. Meanwhile, their market potential can make them manifest no less great results. Usually, bitcoin’s success pulls altcoins up, and this is a good time to identify potential leaders of growth.

Some of these currencies have always been present in the top 10 or 20 digital coins. In particular, we’d like to touch upon Dash, EOS, and NEO. All these coins can be found in the Freewallet Multicoin app, or desktop version of the wallet.


February, 2021 has become a turning point for the price of Dash, a popular digital coin. Its price has easily jumped over the mark of $140 per coin. On February 14, Dash reached its 2018 High, which was $279. It only took a few days in February for the coin to add 125%, and many experts believe this is not a limit, predicting its move to more than $500 per unit.

January, 2021 was the month when Dash had activated more retailers than bitcoin. These businesses use Dash as a cryptocurrency alternative to electronic cash. It also boosted the volume of commercial payments. Therefore, we can see that the actual growth of its adoption backs the boost of Dash.

What can you do with DASH in Freewallet?

Here are some ideas for you. You can:

– Exchange existing cryptocurrency to Dash and back
– Send and receive Dash
– Buy gift cards with Dash (i.e. sell Dash)
– Use a single-currency Dash app developed by Freewallet.


EOS is one of the top coins to watch this time and the 16th largest blockchain by capitalization. However, the past year was not easy for this coin: it dropped significantly. This year marked a positive change for EOS. Thanks to the recent development by pNetwork, dapps from both EOS and Ethereum networks can now interact with both of them without leaving their blockchain.

The news has had a positive influence on the coin’s performance. Since the beginning of February, EOS has surged by more than 50%. On Feb 9, 2021, the coin moved above $3.9 and further managed to reach even a higher level. The next expected target could be $6 or higher.

The all-time high for EOS was $23.

What can you do with EOS in Freewallet?

– Buy with a credit card (using the Freewallet Multi-coin app, or web wallet)
– Send, receive and exchange EOS
– Buy gift cards with EOS (i.e., sell EOS this way)
– Use a single-currency app for EOS (Android). This app supports EOS as the blockchain, i.e., you can transact EOS coins here.


NEO is a well-known open-source blockchain project and the first Chinese public blockchain. Its idea is to maintain a friendly infrastructure for developers. Freewallet supports the NEO coin, which has a good potential for growth. During the 2020 year, the price of the coin has increased from $5 to $25. In January 2021, NEO followed top coins in their uptrend and hit $29. Following this surge, the price has pulled back.

On February 4, 2021, the developing company released the final update before the formal TestNet version. It could be one of the factors boosting the price to $40+ by the mid of February, 2021. The last time when NEO traded around these levels was April 2018. Should the breakthrough of resistance be successful, NEO will target $90.

What can you do with NEO in Freewallet?

– Buy with a credit card (using the Freewallet Multi-coin app, or web wallet)
– Send, receive and exchange NEO
– Buy gift cards with NEO (i.e., sell NEO this way)
– Use a single-currency app for NEO (Android) Note: this app supports NEO coins and does not fuel NEO GAS.

LINK (Chainlink)

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle provider. It does not operate on a certain blockchain and offers a solution to get off-chain data required for smart contracts to operate. In other words, these smart contracts are connected through the data obtained from the off-line sources, or the real world.

In January 2020, LINK was trading in between $2 and $3. At the beginning of 2021, the coin started to recover and went above $30 in the middle of February. It allowed the LINK price to establish an all-time high at $35.73 during these days. It indicated that whale accounts made purchases to accumulate this asset. The surge of the LINK price was followed by a correction to lower price levels. The next potential target for bulls is above $40.

What can you do with LINK in Freewallet?

– Send and receive LINK
– Exchange LINK
– Buy gift cards with LINK (i.e., sell LINK this way)

Please download and install the Freewallet Multi-coin app, or web wallet for your transactions with LINK.


Uniswap (UNI) is one of the newest tokens for Freewallet. This token was created in September 2020. We’ve added it recently, along with MKR and PAXG tokens.

UNI is a native token of an open-source, decentralized exchange platform that applies automated liquidity protocol instead of the centralized model. UNI is also a governance token for its platform. During the 2020-2021 crypto rally, UNI grew as well. In February, it reached an all-time high as of $24. Bullish views are expecting the token would hit $28.

What can you do with UNI in Freewallet?

– Send and receive UNI
– Exchange UNI
– Buy gift cards with UNI (i.e., sell UNI this way)

Please download and install the Freewallet Multi-coin app, or web wallet for your transactions with UNI.


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