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A long-time Blockchain and Bitcoin advocate.

How Freewallet customers diversify their crypto portfolio

By Solomon Brown   |   Mar 19, 2021

There are several things you can do and diversifying your portfolio is one of them. Separate assets do not always have their prices move together.

EOS, DASH, NEO, LINK, UNI Price Prediction 2021

By Solomon Brown   |   Feb 18, 2021

EOS, DASH, NEO, LINK, UNI. All these coins are available in the Freewallet Multicoin app, or desktop version of the wallet.

Where to buy Dogecoin?

By Solomon Brown   |   Feb 17, 2021

Exchange Doge for Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and many other coins on Freewallet app.

GNT to GLM Migration: Enjoy new GLM tokens

By Solomon Brown   |   Jan 21, 2021

Freewallet supported the GNT to GLM migration. Learn more in this short article.

NEM (XEM) Price Prediction 2021-2025

By Solomon Brown   |   Jan 14, 2021

NEM came to life as a hard fork of NXT in March 2015. Currently, NEM is the 17th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with a market cap of a little over $2 billion and XEM price of $0.23. We discussed the future price of NEM (XEM) in 2021 – 2025 time period in our article.

Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Funds to Freewallet

By Solomon Brown   |   Jan 13, 2021

As the crypto market is reaching new highs, the intensity of transactions grows. So does the number of erroneous payments. It motivated us to write a short guide to help you avoid frequent mistakes.

Freewallet Introduces MoonPay to its Platform

By Solomon Brown   |   Jan 13, 2021

Freewallet team is happy to announce a partnership with the MoonPay provider, one of the leading platforms for fiat to crypto transactions. MoonPay supports purchases with 42 fiat currencies at beneficial rates.

Freewallet Will Support the Symbol (XYM) Airdrop

By Solomon Brown   |   Jan 11, 2021

For all holders of the NEM (XEM) token: Freewallet will support the Symbol (XYM) airdrop and opt-in program. Recently the airdrop has been postponed to take place later in February 2021, the exact date and further details will be announced later.

Freewallet Unveils 30-second Exchanges

By Solomon Brown   |   Dec 9, 2020

Freewallet has expanded its exchange capabilities, exponentially decreasing transaction processing times, while likewise slashing transaction minimums in half.

Freewallet Media Review November 2020

By Solomon Brown   |   Dec 9, 2020

Freewallet is a universal platform to buy, sell, store and manage crypto, and that’s why media outlets have shown a growing interest in reviewing its features and functions. This is our monthly recap of the news and media publications about Freewallet for November 2020.

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