If you’re wondering where to buy SAND, in this article you’ll find a good way to get this cryptocurrency. 

Here you’ll discover where and how to buy Sandbox (crypto), how to use it and what Sandbox is. 

How to buy SAND?

Where can I buy SAND? That is a question that NFTs and metaverse enthusiasts ask. Later, we will see in detail later what Sandbox is. 

Freewallet provides you with intuitive tools to buy and use Sandbox (SAND). 

The platform allows you to find SAND to buy thanks to the web app and the mobile app. 

The first step is, in both cases, the registration: by adding just a few personal details and setting a pin code, you’ll get access to your private Freewallet area. 

Once you access your dashboard, have a look at the “My wallets” section: if you can’t find Sandbox, just click on “Add wallets” and locate Sandbox – this step is useful to easily find your Sandbox wallet directly on your dashboard. 

Now, select the crypto: you’ll find a page with the following info: 

  • Transaction history – related to Sandbox;
  • Send and receive options;
  • “Buy with a card”. 

The last section is what you need to buy your SAND on Freewallet. 

After selecting “Buy with a card”, you can choose “SAND” – that’s where to buy Sandbox. 

Select the amount you want to spend and the currency you want to use to buy SAND: you’ll see how many SAND you will receive. 

After this step, click on “Buy SAND”: you’ll be redirected to the partner website. Complete the form by confirming your email thanks to the code you’ll receive in your inbox and complete the purchase. 

The same steps can be followed on the official Freewallet mobile app. 

Just download the Freewallet multicurrency wallet, digit your pin code and access your personal area. Find the SAND wallet – or add it to your dashboard – and follow the same steps to complete your purchase. 

There’s a third option offered by Freewallet – actually the fastest option you can use if you’re wondering where to buy SAND crypto. 

Go to the Freewallet homepage and use the exchange: 

  • Select “SAND” and choose the amount you want to spend and the fiat currency you want to use; 
  • Add your ERC20 SAND address;
  • Click on “Continue” to receive SAND to your wallet. 

How to buy SAND in the USA

Where to buy SAND crypto in the USA? Also in this case, Freewallet is a good option. 

US citizens can easily buy SAND just by using one of the options we listed above. 

After President Biden signed an executive order in March, to provide a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, it’s very important for U.S. citizens to find reliable platform that offer easy and compliant solutions for crypto investors: Freewallet allows you to make the most out of your assets – as you’ll see, you can’t just buy, but also exchange, store and use your cryptocurrencies to purchase goods in hundreds of stores. 

How to make a SAND exchange?

Also in this case, you can use both the web or the mobile app to make an exchange.

If you already own SAND, you can choose to exchange it for any other supported cryptocurrency: especially after its partnership with Changelly, Freewallet was able to increase the number of supported cryptocurrencies and to reduce costs for the end user by creating a fee-free system for exchanges. 

You can complete your exchange in a few steps: 

  • Purchase or send cryptocurrencies to your Freewallet to have some crypto assets to exchange;
  • Click on “Exchange coins” – from your desktop or mobile, once you enter your dashboard;
  • Select the crypto pair you want to use;
  • Select the amount you want to exchange – you’ll see the amount you will receive before completing the exchange, to be able to correct any possible mistake before finalizing the operation. 

This simple procedure allows you to follow your strategies when it comes to your crypto assets, like diversification and rebalancing

How to sell SAND

After talking about how to buy SAND crypto and exchange it on Freewallet, let’s see how you can use it. 

Freewallet allows you to use a unique feature to use your cryptocurrencies: you can use them to buy gift cards.

In its effort to promote a wider use of cryptocurrency, to allow a larger number of people to benefit from cryptocurrencies as they do with fiat currencies, in 2021 Freewallet introduced this new feature for both online and physical stores.

From you profile page, as well as from the page dedicated to each crypto wallet, you can easily select the “Buy gift cards” option: 

You’ll find more than 1000 gift cards and you can choose to filter them by country, popularity or alphabetical order. 

Everyone can buy a gift card on Freewallet, independently from the amount of money you’re willing to spend – you’ll find gift cards with prices that range from $1 to $1000. 

You’ll find some of the most popular stores in the world – Amazon included. 

What is The Sandbox (SAND)?

We talked about where to buy a Sandbox, but what is this cryptocurrency? And why is it so popular?

To answer these questions, let’s dive deeper into the topic. 

The Sandbox is a virtual world based on gaming: here users can find a decentralized platform that mixes NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and the power of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) to allow the creation of digital assets that take the form of a game. 

Users can make the most out of their gaming and creative capabilities by using a sort of play-to-earn scheme, whose main goal is the use of blockchain technology in the mainstream gaming world. 

This platform was launched almost at the beginning of the crypto era: in 2011 Pixowl, the company co-founded by Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget, launched this platform where people can buy digital tokens, sell them and play. 

The fuel of this ecosystem is SAND, an ERC-20 token that allows the whole Ethereum-based system to work.

Is SAND a good investment?

As we always say, there is no answer to this question: no one can tell if an investment is good or bad, but it’s possible to analyze the features of each asset to assess if it has the requirements to be considered as a reliable project. 

You’re the only person who can tell if an investment can fit your needs, so always do your own research. 

In the meanwhile, we can give you some useful information about SAND. 

Source: CoinMarketCap

First off, SAND uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS) as a consensus algorithm: this mechanism is more efficient in terms of energy consumption and allows for a more decentralized ecosystem. 

Moreover, being users rewarded to stake their SAND, it represents a good system to reduce offer. 

Another particular feature of SAND is that it has a limited supply: this is not something usual for cryptos that want to attract as many users as possible, but also this is a good measure to limit supply and control inflation. 

The supply of SAND is set at 3 billion tokens. 

So, it is safe to assess that this cryptocurrency respects the economic principles according to which an asset gains value over time – as long as demand remains constant or increases. 

In the case of SAND, analysts don’t seem to be worried about a future decrease in demand: the gaming industry, as well as NFTs, are thriving. 

Where to store your SAND

If you’re interested in SAND and want to know when you can store it, you can use the Freewallet multi-currency crypto wallet: available for both desktop and mobile, you’ll be able to buy, send, exchange your SAND for free and store your crypto assets, all thanks to one platform that supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies. 


SAND is an interesting cryptocurrency, for sure: its focus on thriving markets, like NFTs and gaming, makes it one of the most popular cryptocurrencies around. 

But where and how to buy and manage SAND? In this article, we gave you the tools to discover all the services offered by Freewallet. 



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