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Weekly Bitcoin Summary: 11 Dec 2020 – 18 Dec 2020

During the last 5 weekdays, bitcoin has surpassed its own performance of previous weeks and hit all-time High. It’s an exciting record to observe and we are willing to make some simple points in this respect.

Weekly summary on Bitcoin

Retracement is the predominant mood for the market. Last week BTC had even briefly plummeted to almost $17 500. Nevertheless, buyers have always been active when abrupt declines took place.

Reading Cryptocurrency Charts Guide

Reading crypto charts is the first skill every trader needs to acquire. Learn the basics of Japanese Candlesticks, their patterns, and the main indicators like RSI, MA, and Bollinger Bands.

Explaining the token (YFI)

In 2020 decentralized finance has been the talk of the town. This summer, some DeFi coins have even managed to surpass Bitcoin in value, including (YFI), which has become an important part of the DeFi sector very rapidly.

What is Crypto Mining Malware & CryptoJacking

The use of crypto mining malware has been rising with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Criminals hijack the computers of big companies to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins on them. But this threat can potentially affect ordinary users too.

How to build a solid cryptocurrency portfolio | Strategies of cryptocurrency management

You have a large number of coins but don’t know how to manage them. We discuss two strategies in portfolio management, which may help you to build a good portfolio.

The legal status of cryptocurrencies around the world

What is the legal status of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies around the globe? Check our review of crypto legalisation in Russia, China, South Korea and etc.

The best freelance websites to earn cryptocurrency

Today, freelancing has become a staple of modern life. Being your own boss is a lot easier when you’re using crypto. Read about the best freelance platforms where you can earn cryptocurrencies.

The main obstacles to cryptocurrency adoption

Cryptocurrency mass adoption is a dream of crypto-community. It’s the second article in our research regarding the ​current state of crypto adoption.

Freewallet Year End Results 2018

The Freewallet team had a fruitful year. Let’s trace all our achievements for 2018.

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