Freewallet Year End Results 2018

30 Dec 2018, 10:21

As 2018 is ending, it is time to take a look back at our work and do a roundup of our achievements of this year. It was an eventful and busy year for the Freewallet team: we have launched new features, added more cryptocurrencies and visited several crypto conferences around the globe. Let’s take a look at the most important accomplishments.

Summoned a rain of tokens and coins

Freewallet has increased the number of featured tokens. As you know, ETH addresses are compliant with ERC20 standards, but we don’t support all tokens. The full list of tokens you can store on Freewallet is laid out here. Our next milestone to achieve is 300 tokens on Freewallet.
ERC20 tokens are great, but they’re not enough, so we’ve added more coins including EOS, DigiByte and Power Ledger. During the bear market, stablecoins have become more popular among people tired of the crypto rollercoaster. So, we have added some stable cryptocurrencies like Tether, DAI and TrueUSD.

Leveled-up your security