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Review of security features for crypto wallets

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  • Best questions about Freewallet gathered and answered
    Best questions about Freewallet gathered and answered

    Come holiday season the Freewallet team does two things: we eat as much holiday candy as we can get our hands on and we churn out analytics. Previous year our customer support department gathered the most common questions they got asked by the users of Freewallet in 2018, and in this (and the following) article we’ll answer all of them.Read more...

  • Halloween Scary Tales
    Halloween Scary Tales

    Are you getting ready to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve? Our fantastic team wanted to tell you a couple of harrowing tales based on real events. Let’s have some skele-fun!Read more...

  • How to use multisig in Freewallet and why
    How to use multisig in Freewallet and why

    In the crypto world, security is everything. We take the security of our users’ accounts more than seriously, so our wallets are equipped with a cohort of top-notch security features. One of them is multisig. Read on to find out what it is, how it’s implemented in our wallets, how to enable it and how it can be used in real life situations.Read more...

  • Transaction limits
    Transaction limits

    Freewallet is famous for its disruptive security features. Being one of the rare hosted wallets, it secures user funds with 2FA, multisig and a cohort of optional security settings. Today’s post is about transaction limits, a feature that allows you to limit the amount of coins that can be withdrawn daily or weekly.Read more...

  • Freewallet comments on the accusations of being “100% a SCAM!!!”
    Freewallet comments on the accusations of being “100% a SCAM!!!”

    So, you might have seen the phrase — “Freewallet is 100% a SCAM!!!!” possibly several times and in several places. It’s like a big fat elephant in the room: most of our users have seen at least one of those threads on reddit or BitcoinTalk, but we haven’t yet posted any official denial of the rumours. Well, here it is. We are not a scamRead more...

  • Guide to Blockchain Addresses
    Guide to Blockchain Addresses

    Imagine Harry. Harry loves Bitcoin. Recently, Harry sent Bitcoin to his friend’s Bitcoin Cash wallet. The money left Harry’s wallet but never got to his friend’s account. Turns out, sending BTC to BCH was not the best idea. Our support team helped Harry to get his coins back, but they had to jump through some hoops. Meanwhile, Harry was very upset. Bottom line: don’t be like Harry. Always check if you’re sending your coins to the right addressRead more...

  • Active sessions control
    Active sessions control

    Additional security measures are annoying, so we’ve heard, but disregarding them is a very big mistake. We take security very seriously and constantly implement new features to protect our user’s funds. One such feature is the active sessions control.Read more...