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NEO price prediction 2020, 2025

The NEO cryptocurrency is a large-scale blockchain project, designed to usher in a “smart economy” with the ability to digitally identify people and automate business processes. A so-called “ETH killer” but focused on the Chinese market. Learn what the future holds for NEO in our price prediction article.

Bytecoin price prediction 2020 – 2025

Bytecoin is one of the old-timers in the cryptocurrency industry. Check in on how things are going with $BCN and what will its future will look like in our price analysis and prediction

XLM price prediction – What does the future hold for Stellar Lumens?

Stellar has recently done away with its inflation mechanism. Will this affect the price of XLM and how does the currency stand moving forward? Read about it in our article.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price prediction for 2020 & 2025

We continue our series of cryptocurrency price predictions. Today we are talking about the most successful fork of Bitcoin – Bitcoin Cash

EOS price prediction from 2020 to 2025

Speedy transactions, no fees and DApps – that’s what EOS does. No wonder why Dan Larimer’s creation is often called Ethereum On Steroids. What does the future hold for EOS? Learn in our EOS price prediction.

IOTA price prediction, analysis and project review

Recently IOTA has announced that they will work with Jaguar Land Rover LTD. We prepared an analysis of IOTA project and price predictions.

Dogecoin price prediction 2020 and 2025 | The future price of DOGE

Dogecoin is one of the funniest and friendly cryptocurrencies. What will be the price of DOGE in future? Read our Dogecoin price prediction for 2019, 2020 and 2025

Pundi X price prediction 2020 – 2025

What is Pundi X and what will be its future price. We answer these questions in our article.

Litecoin Price Prediction for 2020, 2025 and 2030

Litecoin is a digital silver in our world and Bitcoin fork designed to improve its code. What will be the future of LTC, learn in our price prediction.

Cryptocurrency predictions and forecasts for 2020

The market finally exited the bearish trend that started in the previous year and began slowly restoring itself, the long awaited Bakkt project didn’t change the game much and Facebook spent the year fighting against the authorities and governments around the world to launch Libra. Now we are waiting for next year and wondering what 2020 holds for us.

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